This page is dedicated to people who I have either worked or collaborated with, am truly inspired 
by or am just plain interested in and I want to share them with you. 

Pilot Light Campaign

This campaign is leading the way in burning the stigma of mental health within the hospitality industry. Andrew Clarke and Doug Sanford have been an inspiration to many with their tireless work and you can also find my own personal story here on the Pilot Light website.

Andrew Clarke

He is an inspirational award-winning chef and a very dear friend. For several years he has been at the forefront of food innovation and is now, through the Pilot Light Campaign, leading the way to raising awareness of the serious mental health issues within the hospitality community. 


KIN Collective

Young and up and coming, with a portfolio of suppling some of the best uk restaurants with incredible ceramics and cast iron


Leading the UK in everything BOH & FOH, you can see my work in the upcoming portfolio 5

Digital Island

A design & photography agency with experiecne working with the hospitality and charity sector. 

A+F Creative

A+F Creative is a forward-thinking agency focusing on food, drink and culture. Founded by Anna + Frankie whose mission is to elevate creative voices through various mediums focusing on the power of connections, narrative, communications and brand development.


Roman Bilinski

If you’re wondering how people like Lewis Hamilton get to the top then start following 16 year old Roman who’s currently setting the pace in British F4 motor racing. It’s just insane the speed he drives at such a young age but it’s his drive to perfection that has impresses me and part of his fitness regime 
is his high-protein / plant-based food diet.

National Autistic Society

You can find my short story of my family life and the autism journey


Macy Watkins

My amazing daughter, Macy, is such a beautiful person inside and out. 
Her digital illustrative work never stops surprising me and over the years has been a true inspiration to me and her mother. I am so, so proud of the young lady she has become.



There’s chefs’ ware and there’s kentaur, I was introduced to this guys few years back by chef Mat Lambert and have been using them ever since.